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Divine Mercy Care

Welcome to Divine Mercy Care

Divine Mercy Care is fundraising and educational entity for Tepeyac Family Center, LLC, a pro-life OBGYN office. It functions as the parent organization and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit healthcare organization committed to Transforming Hearts Through Healthcare.

We believe in the three pillars of merciful medicine, scriptural social justice, and Christ-centered relationships.

  • Merciful Medicine: Medicine is an act of mercy, a way that God enacts his healing in the world.  Merciful Medicine is person-centered, spreading the Gospel of Life.
  • Scriptural Social Justice: We believe God calls us to care for everyone in need, regardless of ability to pay.  We offer programs of assistance for those without insurance.
  • Christ-Centered Relationships: We believe that Christ is the ultimate healer and must be the center of our relationships: parent/child; mother/father; doctor/patient.  We honor the whole person: body, soul, and spirit.

Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac Family Center strive to maintain our responsibility to the community and the world by continuing to reach out in service in areas of faith, social justice, and care for the poor.  We also desire to encourage servant leadership, inspiring other healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, and medical students to adopt the model of merciful medicine.

Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac provide truly Catholic healthcare that serves the poor and respects and promotes the sanctity of life at all stages. We as a medical practice we are inspired by Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and we remain faithful to the medical and moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Tepeyac accepts all women in crisis or financial difficulty regardless of insurance status, including the uninsured and women receiving poverty-based assistance such as Medicaid.  This commitment to the poor is core to our mission, and the demand for these services is growing.

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In observance of Thanksgiving, Divine Mercy Care will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27.

We will reopen at 9 a.m. Monday, November 30.

What We Do

  • Fundraising Events: At annual events such as the Gala Dinner and Auction, a 5K run for the Unborn, and various benefit concerts and dinner parties, Divine Mercy Care raises money to support Tepeyac Family Center’s pro-life work.
  • Medical Student Rotations: As part of the educational mission of Divine Mercy Care, we coordinate medical student rotations so that we show future doctors our philosophy of merciful medicine and person-centered care.
  • Community Education: We at Divine Mercy Care seek to educate communities about loving medicine and a Gospel of Life.  We seek to transform hearts by encountering God through healthcare.
  • Speaking Engagements: Divine Mercy Care coordinates the speaking engagements at churches, conferences, dinners and other events.  Most of our doctors and staff speak on a variety of topics related to woman’s health, theology, and Christian medicine.
  • Marketing: Divine Mercy Care advertises for Tepeyac Family Center, bringing in patients seeking excellent and personalized care.
  • Collecting New Baby Items: Divine Mercy Care has an infant baby basket program.  We provide needy moms who chose to parent their children with all the clothes, pacifiers, and supplies they will need.  You can donate to our baby basket program.

Our Current Needs

  • Hiring Director of Development
  • Hiring New Medical Practice Administrator
  • Apple Computer
  • Video Editing Software
  • Auction Software
  • Ship or Bring Baby Items for our Infant Gift Basket.
  • Donors for Baby Baskets
  • Email if you can meet these needs.

Church Partnerships

Click Here to Learn How Churches Can Help Divine Mercy Care and Tepeyac Family Center.

Email to have our Doctors speak at your parish.

Board Members

John Bruchalski, MD; Ado Machida; Joseph Cosby; Ed Grogan; 

Kathryn Doherty; Jennifer Gross; Thomas West; Father Whitestone


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