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Tepeyac Family Center began in 1994 out of the basement of our Founder Dr. John Bruchalski.  Dr. Bruchalski had been involved in the abortion industry before realizing God was speaking to him to leave and form his own practice, one based on the dignity of worth of every human being-mother and child.


The Pillars of Our Pactice


Merciful Medicine

Medicine is an act of mercy for all, a way that God enacts his healing in the world.

Scriptural Social Justice

We believe God calls us to care for everyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. We offer programs of assistance for those without insurance.

Christ-Centered Relationships

We believe that Christ is the ultimate healer and must be the center of our relationships: parent/child; mother/father; doctor/patient.  For those who are interested, we offer prayer, a chapel, and spiritual counsel. In doing so, we honor the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.





We pledge to provide quality medical care by board-certified physicians and medical professionals. Combined, our doctors have decades of medical expertise, and should there be a difference in your treatment, please bring your concern to the doctor for discussion.



We care for the body, mind, and spirit and view these things as united in a unique and precious person with inherent dignity.  When appropriate, prayer is utilized as a tool to participate in the power, mercy and love of the Divine Healer.  We believe in the sanctity of each human life from conception until natural death.



All patients are welcome here regardless of race, belief, religion, sexuality, or financial status based upon the availability of our physicians.  We accept most insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid, and we work hard to develop personalized payment plans.  Partnering with people, businesses, and services in the region and beyond, we also welcome patients in financial difficulties and crisis pregnancies, treating each with medical excellence, human respect, and tender care.



We pledge that we will respect your fertility as a natural and healthy aspect of personhood, something to be treasured and protected. We view life as a gift, and pregnancy and fertility as healthy blessings, not diseases.  We educate our patients about the language of their bodily signs of fertility and infertility, thus assisting women in their fertility; not suppressing it. As a policy of the practice, birth control for contraceptive purposes, abortions, or abortion inducers will not be dispensed or recommended.



Though we welcome patients who disagree with us, Tepeyac Family Center believes that the family is the central building block of our society. We recognize the need to support the family structure by upholding the value of sexual monogamy within heterosexual marriage, and refusing to perform or refer for abortion or hormonal contraception.  We are happy to discuss these issues with inquisitive patients, if they so desire and when appropriate.



Tepeyac guides adolescents to resist smoking, alcohol, drugs, and sexual experimentation outside of marriage.  At Tepeyac, we want to help your family learn to approach these activities—and their potential hazards—from a moral perspective. We are also happy to talk to parents about having high expectations for their children, and then learning to handle any failures with a spirit of loving assistance, without provoking undue pain or guilt.